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Every dollar you save in overhead adds a dollar in profit. Imagine the effect reducing your monthly recurring expenses by one-quarter would have on your bottom line! That would give it quite a healthy boost, wouldn't it?

One quarter – 25%. That is the average savings we produce for our clients. Yours might even be greater!


  • Mobile phone service
  • Landlines and phone systems


Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations!

SierraCom Consulting Group


We provide an independent analysis of your telecom and IT systems, services and expenses.

Companies are becoming more dependent on their telecom and IT systems than at any other time in history. New services, new technology, new suppliers and new pricing strategies make the implementation of strategic telecom decisions increasingly difficult.

The burden of dealing with ever-changing telecom services and IT equipment is a headache you shouldn't have to take on. That's where SierraCom’s expertise creates significant value and benefits for you. We can help:

Save time without increasing your payroll

Our research department stays on top of pricing, new developments, and emerging technologies on our client's behalf. We even handle telecom solicitation calls so you don't have to! We augment existing client staff without adding payroll costs.

Save money without sacrificing service

Our mid-sized clients save an average of $10,000 per year-and our services are rendered without expense to you, since we simply share in your savings for our compensation. We find the best alternatives for the least money. We also identify billing errors and recover fund

Provide security and objectivity

We are completely objective in assessing your current and future telecom needs, with no ties to any provider; so you can be confident you are getting the best advice to make the right decision

Offer knowledge and experience

Charles Lincoln brings over 30 years of professional business experience with national, regional and local organizations, helping corporate and non-profit clients develop and grow effectively and efficiently. Charles knows how to utilize technology to optimize the effectiveness of your business.

Specific Areas of Expertise:


Information Technology

Strategic Planning

Business Development

Sales & Marketing

Human Resource Management

Operations Management

PCs, Macs, LANs, WANs

Project Management

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Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations!